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    DEK printing machine

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    DEK is the world's leading provider of high-precision batch printing equipment and processes for electronic materials.

    DEK printing machine is the world's leading provider of high-precision batch printing equipment and processes for electronic materials.

    By combining the strength of equipment, screens and frames, consumables and process support products, we provide customers with comprehensive support for the material coating process.

    DEK provides:

    Full support of award-winning printing equipment and technology, operation and optimization services

    Global support and real-time delivery of consumables and process support products-including sophisticated stencils-24-hour online and telephone ordering to ensure that the customer's process processing runs at full speed.

    Process processing partners, providing process processing services, equipment optimization assistance, application engineering through the support of on-site experts, a 24-hour global service network, and more advanced network media.

    "First time" and history of technological breakthroughs

    DEK began to develop screen printing machine technology for advanced electronic assembly manufacturers in 1969, and played a key role in the development of surface mount technology into today's high-speed, high-precision and high-repeatability processes.

    At the beginning, we introduced Pass-Thru&reg; printing presses to the industry, paving the way for today's high-speed fully automatic assembly lines.

    By launching ProFlow&reg; we put the squeeze print head into commercial application formally, and continue to develop technology to innovate the application.

    When we introduced the FormFlex? concept for rapid setup of high-density assembly, we changed the form of tools.

    Along the way, we have been constantly improving the performance and technology of our equipment – DEK equipment has always been the definer of industrial benchmarks such as speed, accuracy, repeatability and quality.

    More cutting-edge development

    DEK redefines acceptable capacity, utilization and cost parameters in advanced semiconductor packaging.

    We have confirmed that on the wafer side, batch printing can handle high-precision processes-and has won industry awards for it. Thanks to our expertise in closed print heads, we have developed solutions for a wide range of packaging processes. And we have created a new processing method for the semiconductor process, which can be easily integrated into the customer's existing assembly process.

    Our value

    As a developer of advanced technology and services, we use our own skills and experience to turn inspiration into reliable and repeatable products that can truly add value to our customers' activities.

    By being a reliable business partner, consistently and stable performance in the world's electronics industry, and consistently committed to providing better business practices, we have won the trust of our customers.

    "As a partner of our customers, our goal is always to be as open and responsive as possible. We strive to continuously develop and optimize network resources to enable you to obtain DEK product and process support, online ordering, and direct access to DEK worldwide organizations. It’s a window of the structure. Anything about DEK website or DEK business, you can directly email me.”  The electronic manufacturing equipment supplier DEK from the United Kingdom demonstrated the same to the electronic manufacturing industry at Semicon China held in Shanghai a few days ago. The other side of the traditional image is completely different. Relying on the original Galaxy and Photon platforms, the company brought a solution for semiconductor wafer-level printers. Shen Huipan, general manager of DEK China, made it clear that the focus of its business this year will be the semiconductor field. In addition, alternative energy process equipment supplier BTU also opened the photovoltaic process technology innovation center in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai during this period. The production line equipment displayed is based on the PVP1200 screen printing machine provided by DEK. There is no doubt that DEK is ready to diversify its business and is making strides into the semiconductor and solar fields.

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