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    The placement machine is gradually developing towards three trends

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author: Click:

    Siemens ASM placement machine manufacturers are here to introduce to you that placement machines are gradually developing towards three trends.

    Mounter is more and more electronic production equipment, it is a kind of automated production equipment. As people's demand for SMT products becomes more and more intelligent and sophisticated, the development of SMT machines is becoming more and more intelligent and refined.

    The future development direction of SMT machine: high-efficiency dual transmission structure

    In order to improve production efficiency and shorten working time, the new SMT machine is developing towards a highly efficient dual conveyor structure. On the basis of maintaining the performance of the traditional single chip placement machine, the bidirectional conveying paste is designed for PCB traffic, dual structure positioning, inspection, repair, etc. of the tablet machine. The working mode of this dual Mounter road structure can be divided into synchronous mode and asynchronous mode. The synchronization method is to synchronize two PCB blocks of the same size through dual tracks. The PCB is sent to the mounting area, and different sizes are sent to the mounting area respectively. These two working methods can be shortened. Ineffective working time to improve machine productivity.

    The future development direction of SMT machine: high-speed, high-precision, multi-function, and intelligent.

    Installation efficiency, SMT machine accuracy and installation function are contradictory all the time. The new SMT machine has been pursuing the development direction of high speed, high precision and multi-function. Due to the continuous development of surface mount components (SMC/SMD), the packaging format is also constantly adjusted. New packages, such as BGA, CSP, etc., are increasingly demanding SMT machines. SMT machines in the United States and France have adopted "flight detection" technology to improve the efficiency of SMT. In order to improve the efficiency of equipment installation. Germany's Siemens will intelligently introduce new FC vision modules and flow distributors to install on the machine, and the error rate is low under high production capacity. Meet the needs of FC installation. Japan's Yamaha company introduced a new group of rotating attachment titles for the new yv88x model, which not only improves the integration but also ensures the installation efficiency and accuracy of the circuit.

    The future development direction of SMT machine: multi-cantilever, multi-mounting head

    In the traditional gantry type equipment, only one arm and installation head are installed, which can no longer meet the requirements of modern production, and people's work efficiency is very high. On the basis of single cantilever equipment, developed double cantilever, such as global musical instrument gsm2, Siemens S25 and so on. The two posts have been handed over to each other. The same PCB, in the case of a small machine area, the production efficiency is doubled. In order to further improve production efficiency, on the basis of double cantilever machines, someone introduced four cantilever machines, such as Siemens hs60, global instruments Panasonic CM602 gc120 Hitachi, and hx-1, which are currently the mainstream high-speed SMT models on the market. Multi-cantilever machinery has replaced the position of tower cranes and will become a very high development trend for placement machines in the future.

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