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    The actual application and working process of the placement machine in the electronics factory

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author: Click:

    The actual application and working process of the placement machine (Siemens ASM placement machine, Panasonic panasonic placement machine, etc.) in the electronics factory

    In this era of rapid development, high-tech electronic products are beginning to pursue thinner and thinner. This is not only for the consideration of electronic components, but also to promote the continuous development of placement machines, although the current electronic products are already very thin. , But this is far from reaching its peak.

    The control of this equipment is mainly controlled by the computer and camera system, which is mainly to mount the processed components on the PCB board. The main working principle of this kind of placement is to select components through the suction nozzle, and any components are adjusted through the internal induction device, and then the components are pasted to the designated position. Now there are not second-hand, Siemens, medium-speed, and middle-aged placement machines on the market. They all work on this principle, and are composed of five data elements: placement, substrate, absorption, components, and images.

    For the SMT production line that is assembled by many equipments, the performance of the placement machine used in the production line has a great impact on the overall production efficiency. If you want to increase the efficiency of the SMT production line, you must Consider it as a whole and adjust its overall stability and balance.

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