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    How to choose a second-hand placement machine for the upper SMT line body?

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author: Click:

    Many companies in Jiangsu SMT placement machine first installed SMT second-hand placement machine, requiring the selection of placement machine is relatively stable, low failure rate, easy maintenance, maintenance cost is very important and so on. Therefore, there are still many concerns about buying a second-hand placement machine. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a placement machine?

    Before many companies first go to the SMT line, they will face a choice, entangled between new machines and second-hand placement machines. Tangled between other machines and Samsung, maybe I heard that Samsung is unstable. In fact, it is a kind of preconceived consciousness of other brands, or just heard of it. With the development of SMT technology up to now, the machines are relatively stable. In fact, it is not the key to what machine you build. The key is your technical, management, and process capabilities. Can the so-called people, machines, materials, methods, and environment be able to do well? There is no need to have a big prejudice against Samsung phones, just do what you can when you buy the phone! For those who expect fast returns, small risks, and less investment, it is still recommended to buy a second-hand placement machine.

    The placement machine required to be selected is relatively stable, has a low failure rate, is easy to maintain, and the maintenance cost is very important. Therefore, there are still many concerns about buying a second-hand placement machine. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a placement machine? The following aspects are for reference:

    The running time of overseas placement machines is small. This is determined by the difference between foreigners and our working methods. Everyone should know that foreign companies work on an 8-hour work day, with people moving and shutting down. Look at the country again, no domestic boss will let the machine idle. The overseas placement machines are well maintained. Machine maintenance is carried out from time to time, daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, and major movement adjustments every quarter. In this way, the failure of the second-hand placement machine is relatively rare. Many suppliers use this as a selling point and must be added to the identification.

    In fact, domestic machines have been refurbished and maintained (refurbishment does not mean spray paint on the exterior, but internal precision parts, replacement of vulnerable parts and precision adjustment testing according to the new machine standard), all wearing parts are replaced, and the appearance of the second-hand placement machine will be Like the new machine, it can guarantee more than 90% of the new machine's functions and can be produced at full speed. The reliability and stability are comparable to the new machine, and the price is about 1/3 of the new machine. Large companies generally require a three-week refurbishment, calibration, debugging, and aging time for a second mobile phone (in stock), while the general second-hand dealer may ship it within a week. Many friends will be entangled after deciding to choose second-hand equipment. There are too many second-hand dealers in China. There is a mixture of fish and dragons. It is not a good choice at all. It is often introduced by friends, but this is not very safe. After all, it is economic and social.

    two. Whether the machine recommended by the supplier is suitable

    Three, buy second-hand placement machine does not provide services

    Fourth, the supporting capabilities of second-hand suppliers

    The concept of large companies and small companies was mentioned earlier. In small companies, three or five people speculate on orders every day. There are also individuals who put their equipment in the warehouses of large companies and are affiliated with large companies. Large companies usually sell hundreds of machines a year, can configure the entire line, can provide refurbishment and after-sales service, because they have their own service team.

    In fact, to buy a second-hand placement machine, there are many things to know. Just reading a few articles and asking a few suppliers is far from enough. It is better to conduct a field investigation by yourself.

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