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    Taiminyi Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. introduces you the basic operation process of Siemens asm placement machine

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author:泰閔翊電子(昆山)有限公司 Click:

    The basic operation process of the Siemens asm placement machine introduced by Taiminyi Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. can be roughly divided into the following steps: board feeding and mark recognition, nozzle selection, feeder selection, and component Picking, component inspection and evaluation, placement, nozzle homing and final release.

    At the beginning, put the PCB board to be mounted in the work area and fix it, install the component material on the feeder, and place the component on the position drawn by the placement head according to the orientation set in the program, and then paste it. The movement of the film head turns on the vacuum device and swings the suction nozzle up and down to pick up the components. Then the vacuum sensor will automatically detect whether the component is sucked, and then perform component recognition, and compare the component characteristics of the component library with the components picked up. The following two conditions will appear. If the comparison results do not match, the component will be Throw it into the waste box. If it does, the component's orientation and viewpoint will be detected; the component's rotating viewpoint is adjusted according to the program, and then the placement head is moved to the position set by the program so that the center of the component coincides with the PCB board placement position. Immediately afterwards, the suction nozzle of the placement machine will drop. At this time, the vacuum sensor is closed and the component automatically falls, which completes a component placement operation. Then, the suction nozzle returns to its position and transfers the PCB board to the set position.

    The above is a complete set of operation process of Fuji panasonic placement machine.

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