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    Three primary guidelines for the production of Jiangsu SMT placement machines

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author:泰閔翊電子(昆山)有限公司 Click:

    Although a Jiangsu SMT placement machine production line contains many related equipment, such as automatic solder paste printers, placement machines, SPI, reflow soldering, Siemens ASM placement machines, etc., for measuring a production line, placement The film machine is undoubtedly the more critical equipment, generally considering the following three guidelines for SMT production.

    1. The specifications and types of PCB that can be mounted: can handle larger specifications and different component capabilities of PCBs, especially for mounting new components (the specifications are getting smaller and smaller, and the lead spacing is getting smaller and smaller. The ability to integrate planning of larger and larger package modules and special-shaped connectors, etc.), and is extended to two limits-placement of smaller chip components 0603/0402 (metric) and mountable IC packaging Larger specifications.

    2. Mounting speed: Generally, there are two marking methods-the time used to mount a component and the number of mounted components per hour, and the chip components and the four-side pin flat package are marked separately. The assembly speed is the selection factor for the speed and power of the entire production line.

    3. Cost of operation and maintenance: Including the difficulty of operation, the time required to replace PCB types, the speed of programming, the defect rate of equipment, the maintenance cost and the time to replace parts are all manifestations of cost. Obviously, in the SMT production process, the above three guidelines mainly depend on the placement process, because no matter how complicated and messy PCB components are, they are all batch processes for fully automatic solder paste printers and reflow soldering. The patch requirements are completed piece by piece.

    In fact, the SMT production line has many equipment defects, and the speed bottleneck is indeed the actual placement machine process. Therefore, the placement machine is the backbone of the SMT technology and an important symbol of technological development. The placement machine's central ability to select the SMT production line is indeed worthy of the name. of.

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