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    SMT and semiconductor industry welding and cleaning process technology exchange meeting

    Date of issue:2021-07-06 Author:泰閩翊電子(昆山)有限公司 Click:

    The SMT placement machine and semiconductor industry welding and cleaning process technology exchange meeting has passed. The exchange meeting is co-sponsored by ZESTRON, HERAEUS, GUYSON and MBtech and undertaken by Chongqing Xiafeng Technology Co., Ltd. The guests attending the exchange meeting include military units and research institutes , There are more than 50 representatives of large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

    More than a month has passed since the conference, but the central idea of the exchange conference is still not forgotten. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liu Xiaobo, the general manager of Xiafeng Technology Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech, expressing his warm welcome to the support provided by the four original factories and the arrival of the guests on site. Mr. Dai Peng, Director of SMT Data Products, Heraeus Electronics China, announced a theme speech entitled "Newer Uses of Electronic Solder Paste in Industry and Automobiles"; Mr. Yu Candi, a senior technical program engineer from Heraeus, posted relevant information around the chip and addressed the solder The composition, types, characteristics and use of paste and tin wire are systematically introduced. Regarding the cleaning process, Mr. Wu Ming, a ZESTRON senior process engineer with more than ten years of work experience, announced the "Cleaning Skills Development Trend and Process Monitoring", explaining the respective characteristics of solvent-based, surfactant and water-based cleaning fluids, and compared The different uses of manual cleaning, spray cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, and the concentration control and cost control in the cleaning process are elaborated. Mr. Zhao Zhenliang, the person in charge of GUYSON China in the UK, and Mr. Zhu Ke of MBtech, France, separately introduced two-solvent gas-phase cleaning equipment and submerged online water-based equipment. After the keynote speech, the host and the guest had an extensive and in-depth discussion on the problems encountered in actual production.

    "Chongqing is an important electronic information industry base in my country. The semiconductor industry in the southwest region represented by Chongqing and Chengdu is rapidly emerging. Many large and medium-sized state-owned manufacturing companies and military research and development units in the west need high-tech technology for product production and promotion. Support. By cooperating with other original factories to hold face-to-face technical exchange meetings, we can deepen our understanding and assist customers in solving process problems that have been or may be encountered." Said Shen Jian, general manager of ZESTRON North Asia.

    Taiminyi Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a professional SMT placement machine in Jiangsu, including the wholesale of SMT peripheral equipment.

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