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    DEK printing machine

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    • Date of issue:2021/09/08
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    Detailed introduction

    Tai Min Yi Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. specializes in the sale of quality SMT equipment accessories, the sale of used mounter equipment, and the maintenance of peripheral equipment.

    Matters needing attention in printing machine

    1. Ensure that the leader is responsible for supervising the safety of equipment and crew operators.

    2. Before the operation, the operator must wear work clothes, work caps, and work shoes neatly, fasten the placket and cuffs, and do not put any sundries in the pockets, and do not wear watches and various accessories.

    3. Before starting the machine, add the required lubricating oil (grease) to the oil filling points, lubrication points and oil tanks of the machine.

    4. Without approval, non-crew members are not allowed to start and operate the machine, and assistants and apprentices should work under the guidance of the pilot.

    5. Before starting the machine, check whether there are sundries in various parts of the fuselage. You must first give a signal (press the safety bell), echo back and forth, and make sure the surrounding area of the machine is safe before it can be turned on.

    6. Before the machine is running, count backward for a few weeks, and then count for a few weeks, so as not to damage the blanket, printing plate, etc. by sundries between the rollers.

    7. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving working surface with your hands, repair and wipe the machine, and do not cross the rotating parts. Keep the machine protection device complete.

    8. The crew should strictly guard their posts according to the division of labor, always pay attention to the operation of each part of the machine, and stop the machine immediately if any problems are found.

    9. The work site should be kept clean and unobstructed, and the ground should be kept clean. There is no debris around the workbench and the machine, and the maintenance tools and spare parts should be placed in the specified location.

    10. When working, no one is allowed to laugh, fight, or make loud noises around the machine. Please let children approach the machine in a hurry.

    11. At the end of the work, clean the machine, protect the printing plate, clean the blanket, impression cylinder and roller pillow, turn off the power, and fill in the work log.

    12. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine, and filling in the maintenance and repair record data can extend the service life of the machine, improve production quality and safe production.

    13. Operation is prohibited by non-staff.

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